We are those Who Choose an Independent Lifestyle

Be It: Affiliate marketers, indie writers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, solopreneurs, freelancers, bloggers, photographers, musicians, storytellers, programmers or just ordinary people like me with a desire.

Anyone who can solve problems for the betterment or enjoyment of others, and does it ahead of profit.

Make Happy Customers : Create a “Super Fans Factory” by mattering to them and serving them as if they were the only people left on earth. When you do this, the inevitable outcome is Super Audiences are created.

So, by just building and putting out smart solutions, you build an evergreen empire of assets that will automatically ATTRACT targeted people to you over time.

Producing Smart Passive Assets you’re proud of (that solves a real problem) and solutions that matter to the people they help (ie.value enough to pay for, and love enough to tell others about).

Customer-funded assets, where 100% of funding comes from your customers and clients; your Raving Fans.

This dynamic means you are completely aligned with the needs of your customers — because the people you are helping are also the people who are giving you money for the work you do. They are giving you money because they are getting something they want in return.

That’s the formula for financial freedom right there.


If you don’t have an idea or a topic or a product yet, we’re here to help guide you towards the perfect Independent Lifestyle business for your unique situation, (don’t worry, lots of people are still searching for answers like this, but you shouldn’t worry!).

How to deal with the basic technical challenges like setting up your blog website and email list, choosing the right plugins and finding affordable options for a beautiful modern design and logo.

What you need to setup so you can be confident your email list is going to grow fast from day one. Most people under-optimize how they capture email subscribers, we can make sure your website is structured for maximum email growth.

How to grow your traffic using the best method for you and your situation. Whether you have a budget to spend on marketing or you have to focus 100% on free traffic growth tactics, the answers are inside the Academy.

What tools and software you need to set up key things like… your blog, landing pages, optin boxes, webinars, sales pages, membership sites, checkouts, payment processing, affiliate tracking, social media management, team collaboration, customer service, products, podcasts, video and more.

How to master your mindset so you never give up due to fear, lack of confidence, feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. The Lifestyle is just as much about your personal development as it is about your business development.

Creating automated Smart Passive Assets is main huge focus of the System, so if you want to learn how to use content automation to sell for you, this is the place for you!…and so much more!

We help people create, promote, and service Smart Passive Assets that matter, assets that turn your traffic into FIERCELY LOYAL subscribers.

Attract Unaware Prospects.

The number of subscribers you have is directly related to...

Your ability to drive highly-targeted traffic to your assets attracting a “pocket of people” who care about making change (are invested in the journey)

Your ability to convert that traffic into FIERCELY LOYAL subscribers. Create deep nuanced assets you’re proud of, assets that solve a real problem for the people you seek to serve.

Your ability to get your readers to promote and refer you to friends. MAKE HAPPY CUSTOMERS. (Create “Raving Loyal Fans”) by mattering to them and serving them as if they were the only people left on earth.

When you do this, the inevitable outcome is SUPER AUDIENCES are created.

Most marketers and gurus are so busy spruiking about their “ho hum” stuff, so busy hustling for an edge.

This keeps them in the Red Ocean competition cesspool so they fail to realize that the most powerful option is to create evergreen Blue Ocean Smart Passive Assets, a smarter way to enter their markets and take food from their mouths.

Independent Living is driven by a higher purpose that transcends the commodity-driven dog-eat-dog world we live in today.

A world powered by a greedy money-first mentality where the goal is to win at all costs.

We’re proud of our Independent Living Style.

We choose never to be beholden to shareholders or investors, only to our customers, our Raving Loyal Fans who love the work we do.

True asset builders choose not to be in the commodity business.

The world doesn’t need yet another mediocre commoditized widget for the attention-deprived mass-market of “zombies.”

We’re not in the fantasy creation business. Building “fantasies” isn’t a business model. It’s not repeatable; otherwise every company would be one.

We’re in the Smart Asset, business.

We’re in the building business, the human-to-human building of serving and mattering.


Other weird people like us.

“People like us do things like this.”

It turns out we don’t need everyone (shocking!).

We don’t even need a lot of people (what, seriously?).

We just need a few (honest!).

A few people who care.

A few people who will invest in the journey. Who care about a human-to-human connection. Where people like us do things like this.

Fortunately, there are people in the world who care enough to be meaningful and specific and focused, as opposed to simply chasing more.

OUR MISSION: We help those who desire an independent living. We help them bridge the gap by providing tools and deep, meaningful, profitable solutions they’re proud of, that impacts the people they seek to help.

  • How do you go from $0 to $1,000/month, from $2,000 to $20,000/month,or whatever the NEXT LEVEL is for you?

If you have the desire to be independent (either full-time or as a side business), we think you’ll love what we have for you here at Smart Passive Assets.

We show you the best-in-class tools, assets and education that’s not just another rehashed “pipe dream” of what’s already available for free on a hundred million pages.

We give you expertise and knowledge that people care about pursuing. Products our raving super fans love so much that they tell others about.

We help Independent Lifestyle Seekers like you become better smart asset builders; we help you be the authority to the heros: The people you seek to serve.

Does this resonate with you, hang around.

So glad you’ve stopped by. It means the world.

Look around our system. See if what we have is for you.

If you are invested in the journey, (the same one we use) and care about making the change to an Independent Lifestyle, we’re here.

Welcome to Smart Passive Assets.