Strange thing happened today (the end result effects you).

Here's how the events unfolded.

I have a morning ritual (thanks to my younger days not caring for my body, but that's another story).

The same process plays out Monday to Friday for me.

Wake up. Morning hug to the wifey.

Kitchen to fire up the kettle.

While it warms up and does its sing-song — I gulp down a half liter of ice cold bottled water or lemon ginger tea

The kick-in-the-ass strength espresso is ready by then.

Armed with my Smart phone and coffee — I head outside to the apartment balcony.

It's 9:15 now and the sun (almost always) has lit up the corner of the balcony where I've strategically positioned myself.


As the beat of another day in paradise starts to yawn and slowly wake up (nothing happens quickly),

I pinch myself to make sure it's not all a dream. Ouch! Check.

But why the hell am I telling you all of this anyway? …

Well … the reason is because — this particular morning I did something different. I violated one of my golden rules.

Instead of firing up my Advertising app to catch up on the latest Tech, Business and Video news … for whatever reason I opened my fuckin' email.

Damn the god of fate!

I NEVER open email in the morning.

Once it sucks me in — I'm hosed. And before I know it — it's lunchtime.

So email is banned in the morning.

It only gets opened AFTER 4pm.

Arg! …

So I see a "promo" that is being endorsed by someone I know and trust. So it gets my attention.

Hmmm … interesting. Click.

BAM! … the rest, as they say — is history.

I'm instantly attracted to an angle of the sales letter.

It talks about "trust".

Value based marketing. Relationships. Reputation.

I'm sold.

So I register there and then.

No freebie review copy handout opt in.

I don't personally know the developer, Aurelian anyway.

I don't care.

I want this bad.

And I want it now!

A minute later I have the system and open.

Armed with my second espresso, I start to skip through all.

There are a large number of help pages … and as I move from page 5 to 6, I can feel a bit of excitement building in my chest.

Which is strange — because (as you prob'ly know all too well) the majority of "internet marketing" products just don't produce that kinda effect … ever.

Then I turn to help page 8 (Systems and Affiliate Marketing) … and I'm experiencing a similar feeling to when I first received my iPad…

… Total excitement!